Krasnodar Industrial Park

Krasnodar Industrial Park is a specialized Greenfield-type area of 236.6 hectares boasting modern industrial and transport infrastructure for quick start-up and accommodation of independent production facilities.

The park is located in Dorozhniy, a village nestled in the Krasnodar region of southern Russia. One of the notable advantages of the park is its favorable geopolitical and climatic location. Moreover, it is conveniently situated within the boundaries of Krasnodar, a city with a population exceeding 1 million.

The industrial park benefits from its strategically advantageous proximity to major air, rail, and sea transportation hubs. This location enables the establishment of an optimal logistics system, along with a comprehensive set of measures to ensure effective coordination, planning, and management of the supply chain.

The industrial park is included in the federal register of industrial parks of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.


The management company of Krasnodar Industrial Park extends an invitation to investors, offering them the opportunity to establish their production facilities on designated land plots within Krasnodar. These plots are equipped with engineering infrastructure and access roads, allowing investors to become residents of the park.

Advantages of residency

The residents of the industrial park are legal entities that have entered into a land plot lease agreement with the management company. This agreement is specifically aimed at facilitating the industrial production of various manufactured goods.

Residents of the park can leverage various benefits associated with locating their enterprises within its premises. These advantages include tax and fee preferences, as well as state financial support in the form of subsidies and other measures.

Location advantages

  • Lease of a land plot with an option to buy it out later
  • Connection of the enterprise to the existing engineering infrastructure
  • Convenient location and well-developed road infrastructure
  • Preferential taxation
  • The management company provides information support throughout all stages of the project

Current residents of the park

  • Kubanskiy Kombinat Khleboproduktov – flour-based confections, ring-shaped rolls and rusks, pasta products
  • Konditer Kubani – sugar confections
  • Kubanskiy Kulinar - ready-to-eat food production
  • KOMPAS PULS RUS – compound swimming pools
  • FABRIKA KARKASOV YUG – building metal structures
  • SV GLASS – industrial glass processing
  • UNION FOOD YUG – production of culinary items and ready-to-eat food
  • MELNITSA – flour-milling facility
  • UZM – metalware processing
  • ZELEN YUGA – growing and processing of green crops

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